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Thanks and good bye!

Justin, Eli and Silver Al

So things have come to an end...minus this 20 something hour plane trip I am about to embark upon.  I still have a bunch of photos and recordings to post up but Im going to have to wait to do that until I get home.  If you are reading this I would like to thank you.  If you liked me before I hope you still like me now, if youve never met me, I hope you might want to someday.  I havent ever gone back and read the things that I wrote, but I imagine that some is funny, some is interesting, some redundant, some is horrifying and the rest is sloppy. 
     You must realize that driving around on a trip like this is a very different experience than the other backpacking that Ive done.  You dont visit all the important sites or stay in the important towns.  You don't meet as many other fellow travelers.  What you do is you drive, usually all day, sometimes in intense environments. When you finally park for the night, you tend, in my experience, to want to go out, see a little of the village that you are in and hit the local watering hole, where the people gather.  Often times there is not too much to report about a day of driving and thus the night life gets the focus.  Tie three months of this lifestyle together and I have a feeling that this trip might read more like an adult comic book than a respectable piece of informative travel writing.  That's fine by me.  I guess I will see when I go back and read what I wrote. 
      On a similar note, and as you all can tell, this website has no spell checker and Im a miserable speller.  Also, between the most mis-fit keyboards (keyboards that have the letters rubbed off, keys missing, stuck keys, keys that rapid fire 4 or 5 letters off at one touch and a few that are just miss-wired (hit the 'f' key for a 'k', ect.)) and whirlwind internet cafe assaults, I realize that the grammar in some passages might seem to be written in a language other than our (my) native English.  It has taken a bit of courage on my part to post writing in such a hap-hazard style, for such a broad variety of different people to see....many people that I have not yet had the pleasure of meeting.  As an English undergraduate (there, I said it!.... as shocking as that might be!) I am accustomed to writing, spellchecking, editing, re-writing and editing again before anyone sees what it is I am trying to write.  I am looking forward to doing the same with this site once I get home (for myself...I don't expect any of you all to feel an urge to go through this all over again.)  At this point the blur that was the past three months is a tangle of memories, the most current always overriding those memories of a month ago.  It shall be fun to read through my earlier impressions.  It will also be embarrassing, I'm sure to read through some of the lousy passages that I'm sure I've written, cliche-ridden, misspelled, sentimental, arrogant, .... (like this passage probably).  I know I have written in all different states of mind and I'm sure there is plenty to be self-conscious of. 
     Finally, if you do get the notion to peek at all this again, I would urge you to do so in a month or two.  I am planning on adding more information, correcting the names of all the church-whosey-whatsits, and misspelled towns, filling in some gaps in the time line.  I plan to add a little more practical information for anyone who might consider a similar adventure, some more tips and an idea of costs.  Eli is going to come down to the Cape in a couple weeks and Bret will be down as well.  We shall inevitably remember a few more goodies.
      The last thing I wanted to do is thank Eli Bliss for joining me on this trip.  If you can believe it, we never had one argument, one bit of down time, one miscommunication.  We have a lot in common and are very different at the same time...a strong traveling combination.  I was planning on doing this trip alone, by default, because no one else had the time, interest or funds.  Had I done this trip alone, it would have been much more difficult and I can't say where I'd be right now.  My guess would be that I would have run out of time a lot further north. 
So thank you Eli!  Friendly, brave, steadfast, open-minded, adventurous, full of energy, ready to take on what ever comes, tough as nails.   My friend, my Brother...you got my back and you know I got yours!
I got a plane to catch...over and out!
Q: How many kids with ADD does it take to screw in a light bulb?
A: Let's ride bikes!
Q: How many kids with ADD does it take to drive a car from Maine to Ushuaia?
A:  I WAS, too, paying attention...you were saying something about light bulbs!

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