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A Pan American Adventure



This web site that you have just stumbled upon is the story of a drive from Kittery, Maine to Ushuaia, Argentina.  My name is Justin and after having dreamed about this trip for many years, I decided to give it a go.
I left Maine on December 29th, 2007.  At the time of my departure, I had thought that I would be embarking on the bulk of this trip alone.  My brother, Bret, was to join me as far as Guatemala City, where he would fly out of on the 11th of January.
As it turned out, at the last minute...actually two days into the trip... I received a phone call from an old friend of mine, Eli Bliss, who asked if he couldn't come along for some of it.  I couldn't have been more happy!  While Eli didn't commit, right off the bat, as to how far he might go, he ended up going the distance.

Bret, Eli and Justin

Eli, Bret and I are all from the smallish town of Warner, NH.  Bret and I are from Joppa Rd. West and Eli is from Joppa Rd. East.  While you can hike or cross country ski between the two Joppas, you can't actually drive between them....not in any sort of a regular car, anyway.
Bret is an artist and good Samaritan who's main focus lately has been metal working and sculpture.  He has spent the past three summers running our family hotel in Cape Cod, before which he lived for many years in Portland, OR.  Right now he is living and working in the Caribbean, at his friend's foundry.
Eli has spent the majority of the past 9 years in the Caribbean, working on private sailing ships (really nice ones).  He has his captain's license and is also a master beach fire builder, landscaper, hammock tier, fish catcher, and beach go-er.
I am just a regular guy.  After a three year break from running the family hotel during which time I worked at a ski area in Maine on the snow-making crew, went back to school for a masters in business and even worked a little on a fishing boat out of Portsmouth, NH....after these three years 'off' and this Pan American drive....I have returned to Cape Cod and am preparing for another stint running The Surfcomber resort. 


This web site is riddled with imperfections.  Where it lacks in information, I would like to hope it makes up for in fun.  Our little roving band are not your perfect role models, but we are a good-hearted bunch. 
Also: I am highly un-photogenic and you will be forced to look at a lot of pictures of me.  I also have realized that I dislike the sound of my voice, and if you choose to click on an audio link, you are going to have to hear it.  You have been warned, so, if you are still inclined, take a peek.


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